Lucian "Sunshine" Miller


Medium Humanoid (half-drow) Swash3, Rog2
Hit Dice: 3d10+1d6+26 (44)
Str 12, Dex 18, Con 18, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 10
Speed: 30ft
AC: 18 (Dex4, Armor4), touch 15, flat 16
Saves: Fort7 Ref:10 Will:6, 2vs enchantment
Bab/grapple: 4/5
Melee Attack: Courtblade+9 (1d10+4,18-20/x2,), Quickrazors/daggers+9 (1d4+3,19-20/x2), boot blade+6 (1d4+3, 19-20/x2)
Ranged Attack: Repeating Light Crossbow+9 (1d8+1, 19-20/x2, 80ft), Daggers+9 (1d4+1, 19-20/x2. 10ft)
Special abilities: Grace+1, Insightful Strike, Lowlight vision, Dark Vision 60ft, Drow Blood Immune to magic sleep, Evasion, Solitary Paragon (flaw), Plucky (trait)
Proficiencies: Light armor, Basic (club, dagger, quarterstaff), Crossbows (duh), Light Blades (punching dagger, rapier, shortsword), Heavy Blades (Longsword, Greatsword, Falchion, Scimitar, Bastardsword), Exotic (Repeating crossbows, Elven blades, Quickrazor, Fullblade, etc.)
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Two-weapon fighting, Power Attack, Weapon Finesse, Combat Reflexes, Iron Will
Tricks: Twisted Charge, Nimble Charge
Balance: +10 (4r, 4a, 2s)
Bluff +6 (6r, 0a)
Climb +6 (5r, 1a)
Craft (weaponsmithing) +12 (8r, 2a, 2t)
Diplomacy +14 (8r, 0a, 4s, 2ra)
Gather Information +7 (5r, 0a, 2ra)
Jump +8 (5r, 1a, 2s)
Listen +4 (2r, 1a, 1ra)
Search +4 (1r, 2a, 1ra)
Sense Motive +8 (7r, 1a)
Slight of Hand +10 (4r, 4a, 2s)
Spot +4 (2r, 1a, 1ra)
Tumble +13 (7r, 4a, 2s)
Language: Common®, Elven®, 2 others
Possessions: +1 Studded Leather armor, +1 Courtblade, +1 Light repeating crossbow (wrist mounted, sighted) 2 M Quickrazors (dc ~24 find), 3 M Daggers, Bootblade (dc 15 find), Smuggler’s boots (dc 30, hides 2 potions and a thin dagger), +1 jacket of resistance with 2 hidden pockets (DC 15 or SoH ~25, suitable for flask, potion, or dagger), Craft tools, Everburning torch, M potion belt, 6 Cure Light Potions, Invisibility potion (in boot), Pass without trace potions, 4 Rust Cubes (in boot), 5 Blessed Bandages, Magic Bedroll, 204gp


Still to come, buy here’s some randomly rolled information.
Archetype: Wanderer
Traits: Kind, Unpredictable, Loyal

Lucian "Sunshine" Miller

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